meadow flower edition


The Flower Project is a social sculpture to which everyone with a healthy libido can contribute.

Using the condom instantly turns you into a co-creator. Once the wrapper has been opened, the seeds will fall to the earth, growing into fields of flowers.

Unlike babies, wild meadow flowers take care of themselves. Flowers - like humans - will reproduce out of natural desire. After your input the project will spread across gardens, parks and forests. The flower fields will attract bees and butterflies. This way, The Flower Project doesn’t only diminish the human plague, but improves the ecosystem at the same time.


The Flowerproject will penetrate some of the best outdoor festivals in The Netherlands, as well as cruisespots in public parks.

Get your condoms & seeds at

De Zon, 25th of May
The Vondelpark

The condoms as well as the seeds will be given away for free. Please like the Facebookpage, to stay informed about future events:

Johannes Verwoerd, 2014